What'll It Take to
make you people dance?

graham coxon 'A+E'

The brand new album In Stores 2nd April 2012

Graham wants you to be in the video for his next single "What'll It Take" from his new album "A+E".
If you’re up for being in the video take a look at the film below and follow the instructions.

Just use any camera, whether it’s on your phone, a webcam, or a proper camera. Whatever you have is good for us, and don’t worry if you’re no good at filming, we want it all!*

In addition to appearing in the video, Graham’s 10 favourite entries will win a signed copy of the new album ‘A+E’ and the ultimate favourite will win two tickets to one of the shows on the tour.

Thanks for entering, have fun and look out for your part in the video.

*By submitting an entry in to this competition you are agreeing to these terms and conditions for the competition so that we can use entries in the new video